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2019 -March - Boshier - Technology and the Completions Process 2019 -March - Boshier - Technology and the Completions Process

With a new generation of people and technologies involved within the rail industry, the need for a high performing, andwell understood Completions Process has never been greater. Projects are being pushed to do more work, more quickly,and more smartly, resulting in the Completions Process being ignored until it is too late. For many project personnel,completions is viewed as the end phase of the project, a part of implementing new technologies, or the close-out of staffcompetency requirements. I argue Completions is much more than that, and an area that is most often misunderstood.

The Completions Process starts at the beginning of the works and is only completed when stakeholders are provided withthe promised deliverables and outcomes. This means project teams delivering long after physical works are complete.The key to achieving the promised outcomes is proper planning and having the right people accountable for driving theprocess. In addition, these people need to be supported by clear frameworks and easy to use technology systems.

This paper provides a Completions framework that ensures the end users receive the full benefit of their investments, andthat the assets being delivered can be properly operated and maintained. The Completions Process starts at the beginningof the project with the end very much in mind, and success is achieved by using technology and a progressive Completionsapproach. With this process, projects can be delivered on time and within budget. Stakeholders are provided with whatthey need, and the project team can walk away knowing that they have delivered what they promised.


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